Award International 2018 Detail

10th Edition


October 22nd 2018

ANTWERP (Belgium)




Inspired by a trip to India, Philipp Müller-Trunk, Kanwal Gill and Maximilian Wolf came up with the idea of ​​bringing Indian street food and the lively atmosphere of the subcontinent to Germany by creating eatDoori. Their modern interpretation makes this multifaceted culinary world accessible to more people and manages to balance out authenticity and system. The open kitchen blends the smell of freshly baked naan, white chai and curries to the dining room, and you can watch the chefs pull the skewers of marinated chicken tikka out of the tandoori oven. With its look and feel, eatDoori sets itself apart through a modern and urban shop design that plays with the theme of India and its street food stands, without being cheesy. Recurring elements include materials such as corrugated iron, moving neon installations, and clothes-pegs attached to the table lighting, to which the guest can hang his order.

In 4 words:

  • Indian
  • Street Kitchen
  • Namaste
  • Urban



JZL is a сrowded, noisy place in the center of our beloved city. The philosophy of JZL is to take simple familiar food and rediscover it for ourselves as something completely new. And then bring it to perfection. Foundation of the atmosphere and happiness is the bar counter where you should try a cocktail or let’s say three of them. That is how JZL is gradually becoming a part of the daily routine of many of our guests, and they become the part of our Life.

In 4 words:

  • joyful
  • noisy
  • tasteful
  • wonderful



Nooch Asian Kitchen is a Panasian restaurant brand with focus on Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. You always find an open kitchen where Asian cooks are preparing fried rice and wok noodles over some gas woks and playing the the flames. Additionally there is a second show kitchen where sushi chefs are rolling the sushi for the guests. On a special steamer dim sum is prepared in bamboo baskets.

One big strength of the concept is that it can be set on one side at high frequency locations for example at a train station on a floor area of 45 square meters and on the other side with a floor area of 500 square meters in a rural area serving as a destination tearing the customers to the place.

If a location doesn’t have any kitchen ventilation, the sushi part of the nooch – Negishi Sushi Bar – can be taken and put in the desired spot. This allows the concept to fit in a huge number of possible locations and helps to expand quickly.

The restaurant part where customers are served at the table is just one of the pillars. Take away for lunch and dinner helps to grow the business with high speed and finally the own delivery service where branded nooch drivers on bikes bring the food to the offices and homes of the customers makes up until 25% of the whole revenue.

The interior design of every Nooch is one of a king and a key point of the success of the concept. Every Nooch looks different and attracts the people to come and not just eat but spend an exciting time where their eyes wander around and discover a lot of details in all corners of the restaurant. Even the toilet is designed in a way that when a guest comes back he tells his friends what he has seen there.

Sustainability and regionality is very important for all parts. The meat and fish sources are chosen very carefully for animal welfare. As the greenhouse effect is threatening us more and more the vegetables are playing a bigger role in every new menu that is developed.



We have recreated a traditional Japanese back street, like a movie set, with ambient noise and soud effects to transport our clients to Tokyo. We make excellent ramen at a reasonnable price. All our quality ingredients are meticulously chosen. We grow our own wheat in our own field to get the best texture for our noodles.



Guests can afford tasty and delicious food and beverages paying only for entrance and the rest is at the cost price. We offer for our quests deiciois food at the coost priceб carefully chosen be our Brand chef: kind of Kamchatka king crabб Japanese oysters, as well as perfectly known European dishes and this is our key point, al generation X,Y our grandpas and mums our kids and adults all can find something in there affordable and special. Imagine you can go for lunch and pay for entrance 2 euro and ordering Kamchatka king crab and glass of prosecco just for 17euro?

The winner of the Belgian National Award 2018 will also compete for the Leaders Club International Award 2018.